Installation Instructions

These installation instructions are valid for releases 0.2 and above. 0.1 does not have its own installer, so installing is quite complicated.

Step 1: Upload

After you have downloaded a release, and unpacked it, log in to your ftp server through your favorite client. Upload the contents of public_html/ to the document root on your file server (usually public_html if it exists, otherwise, it's the directory you're already in). You are now ready for Step 2: Permissions

Step 2: Permissions

Because most web servers do not run with appropriate permission to write to any directory (which is a good thing), you must set up some permissions to allow TroopOnline to save its configuration file and uploaded documents. You will need to make the directories outings/documents, meetings/documents, and resources/documents. Those directories, along with config/, must be changed to be world-writable. You can either right-click and change permissions, use a "change permissions" dialog box, or use the chmod command. Either way, the permissions to these directories must be 777, or world-writeable.

Step 3: Database

To use TroopOnline, you must have access to a database. Currently, only MySql is supported, but support for other databases will be added soon. You must get a database server, database username and password, and database name from your hosting provider.

Step 3: Configuration

Now, you're ready to configure TroopOnline. Point your browser to where you expect to be able to see TroopOnline. A page should come up giving you various configuration options. Fill in the database options with the ones provided by your ISP. If this is your first time installing, you will want to check 'Initalize database' as well as set a root user password. Under "Site Name", you should put the name of your unit. You should provide an email address where you can be contacted in the "Webmaster Email" option. The file paths should be correct, do not change them unless you know what you are doing. Lastly, provide a configuration password so that no one else can change the configuration options. Press "Configure", and all should go well. If you see any red text, there is a problem, and you will have to fix it.

Step 4: Test it

Again, point your browser to the place where you expect TroopOnline to be visible. On the left-hand site, there will be a link "Log In". Follow that link, and you should be able to log in with the username "root" and the password that you set above. Adding new users will be implemented in release 0.3, currently, you must modify the database to add new users.

Step 5: Feedback

If you're using TroopOnline, I'm sure you have some suggestions. I'd love to hear them, because they provide a basis on where I should dedicate my time working on the project (if something is awful, I'll work to get it fixed faster than something that isn't so bad). If you think it's great, I'd love to hear that too!.